Filling in declarations

What you need to know about filling out electronic declarations First, the lawyers of Kubara & Partners Law Firm advise you to pay attention to the fact that the declaring entity needs to develop their own digital signature for registration and entry into the declaring system of the National Agency for Questions prevention of corruption (hereinafter referred to as NAPC). Secondly, electronic declarations differ from paper declarations in that they have 16 sections. That is why the declarant should make sure that the information is filled out in advance and start working on the information as soon as possible. And to get it right, you should seek legal advice. Lawyer is provided by Kubar & Partners Law Firm. Not sure if you fill out the form correctly? Then do not hesitate and trust the law firm Kubara & Partners. The Kubara & Partners Law Firm provides the following services to simplify the electronic declaration process and minimize all possible consequences: find and verify information in all existing official registers of your property and rights; complete the declaration as required or we will correct inaccuracies in the already filled in; we will take into account all possible requirements of the controlling bodies. What information should be provided? The lawyers of Kubar & Partners Law Firm emphasize that the declarant must indicate in his electronic declaration the type of the declaration and the reporting period and provide the information specified in the Law of Ukraine “On Prevention of Corruption”. It should be noted that a full in-depth review of electronic declarations will take place if the members of the declarant's family refuse to provide all the necessary information. The declarant is obliged to report this in his / her electronic declaration. We remind you that incorrect filing of the declaration or submission of false information may not only result in liability, but also dismissal in the future. To avoid the negative consequences, entrust the completion of your electronic declaration to professionals. Qualified lawyers of Kubara & Partners Law Firm will help you to fill in everything correctly! NACC, but ONLY ONE TIME. Pursuant to Article 45 of the Law, the declarant is entitled to file a corrected version of the declaration by clicking on the "Submit a corrected declaration" button on the personal page. This button is available on the page within seven calendar days of the filing of the first version of the declaration.If the subject of the declaration finds errors or inaccuracies after the deadline stipulated by the Law for submission of the corrected declaration, he is obliged to contact the NAPC through his own electronic cabinet and submit a corrected electronic the declaration after the decision of the authorized person. The authorized person has the right to determine the deadline for which the corrected version is to be submitted. The services of a lawyer in Lviv, Western Ukraine and Kiev will help you correctly submit a corrected electronic declaration within 7 calendar days from the submission of the first version, or send an application to the NACC with a request to file it after the deadline provided by the Law. The law firm makes it easier for you to handle all the questions on the electronic filing process. If you have any problems filling out and correcting the declaration, contact Kubar & Partners Law Firm and we will help you!